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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Luxurious tassels, juxtaposed to primitive, colorful painted furnishings, is a pleasing detail.

Made from vintage glass doorknobs, rayon fringe, and beaded trim.

Black and clear tones will coordinate with any color in your home.

The tassel loop has a 5 1/2" drop. From top of knob to bottom of fringe - 5 1/2".

I have two matching tassels. May be purchased together or individually.

$20. each, includes shipping in the U.S.

Earth and Flowers Bag.

A colorful garden planted in the warm fertile earth.

Embroidered flowers of pearled cotton floss and bits of wool colored in cream and burgandy. "Planted" on the specked brown reclaimed wool and made into a charming folk art, half oval bag.

The interior is faced in matching wool, lined in tan and cream cotton check, with coordinated cotton pocket.

The body of the bag measures 12 1/2w X 9 1/2 w. The strap measures 37". The bag is secured with a magnetic closure.

$65. includes shipping in the U.S.

Folk Art Bag

Reclaimed wool, pieced and embroidered into a whimsical folk art bag.
Vintage buttons, attached to embroidered wool piecework along the side.

The applique is sewn in primitive, overhand stitch. All folk art stitching is done using pearled cotton floss.
The bag measures 11"w X 14"h. The strap measures 34" long, setting comfortably at the hip. The interior is faced in wool, the body of the lining is reclaimed cotton, in a light green and cream pattern. Light tan and cream check patterned cotton in used for two two pockets.
$65. includes shipping in the U.S.